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Tautuhi - Strategy

A well communicated collective vision and pathway for your HR technology journey will define your roadmap today and into tomorrow.

Creating and communicating your business case to underpin the value of a HR technology investment  is critical to getting your initiative off the ground  and requires weaving of real life customer stores underpinned with strong and compelling financial and non financial benefits

You also need to know what it’s going to take to be ‘ready’ for your project so your organisation is in the best place to support the transformation.

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Kōwhiri - Prepare

Navigating the HR tech landscape can be a daunting task, even for those who’ve done it before. You need a strong understanding of the foundational pillars of HR tech, you need visibility of the various platform options available to you in the market and, most importantly, you need a clear understanding of your future requirements in order to match them to the right solution.

Vendor SWOT and gap analyses can narrow down your solution options before going to market. Having access to vendor comparison tables and powerful vendor evaluation tools coupled with independent expert advice will also help accelerate and target your selection process.



Whakahaere - Delivery

Firstly, you will need a project plan or ‘roadmap’ that outlines how you will deploy the HR technologies you’ve selected. Next you must consider if the business has the bandwidth to do this properly. The #1 risk to the successful outcome of the project is the capacity and capability of your resources. Without a resource plan, you’re guaranteed to under-resource the effort required.

The resource plan should articulate how the roadmap will be executed and include an indication of the resource capabilities required to effectively deliver the project, support the system and beyond.


Tools and resources:

Āwhina- Support

Our commitment means we are there through all stages of your journey, providing support, expertise and advice around all your HR Tech needs.


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